My journey


I always wanted to be a teacher but was led to believe university wasn’t for someone like me.

Growing up was hard, my life was turbulent and I experienced things that no child ever should, as a consequence my mental health suffered along with my education, I failed my 11 plus and my G.C.S.E’s.

kateWhen my marriage began to break down at 29 I found further education and it became a real lifeline. FE gave me a second chance, an opportunity to build a new life. Having always thought that I wasn’t academic or good enough, doing my access course helped me to believe in myself again, it gave me hope and for the first time in my life I believed I could be someone, I had found my voice!

My journey wasn’t an easy one but thanks to FE and incredibly supportive teachers who cared and understood I have gone on to achieve things I never thought possible. I now have a degree, I’m almost a qualified teacher and I am doing my MA in education, giving myself and my daughter a better life.