Business Studies Lecturer Susan Edwards shares her enthusiasm for teaching in Further Education


I am now in to my 9th year of lecturing in FE and each year seems to bring new challenges – in terms of the individual requirements of the learners, the demands on the teacher, the expectations of the institute, etc. What I would say is that every teacher I’ve come across that is dedicated to their job underestimates the positive impact that they have on the learners in their care. Just the other day I asked a learner to try and become more confident in class and to contribute verbally. Within ten minutes he had spoken out in class for the first time this year. On the day I only focused on the behaviour problems in class and was criticising myself – always thinking I could do better. Then, on reflection, I realise that we are doing positive things every single day, I look at past students who are now teachers themselves, at university, in their dream apprenticeship job or who are travelling the world and I realise that we were all part of their journey.

Teaching absolutely becomes a part of your whole life and it’s hard to imagine what else I would now do. I also realise how I wish I had more supportive teachers back in secondary school, but now appreciate what inspirational teachers I had in FE college. Wish I could thank them now!

Susan Edwards
Business Teacher in Further Education