Kim: Adam’s mum

image-1Kim is Adam’s mum. Adam started attending his local FE college on an ‘Achieving Together’ course at the age of 15. Kim talks about her anxiety having to constantly field phone calls from school and the change in Adam’s personality once he started at college.

Now, Adam has started taking on new responsibilities and is making progress in his academic and practical work. He has plans for a career in football, playing or coaching. Adam’s life has been turned round by FE. He is a source of great pride to his mum, dad and wider family and is a fantastic example of the power of FE.

School life wasn’t for Adam. I think he just gave up.

Now we can say, “Well done! What a great day you’ve had! keep it up!”

I’m very very proud!

Watch a video of Kim talking about the impact of FE on her son and the family here.