We are One

A new world order will begin on the 20th of January with the inauguration of Mr. Trump, should I be wary of this enigma and his impact on the world stage? Yes, I answer myself and so should all my colleagues in F.E. throughout Britain. His discriminatory language against women and ethnic groups has provided right wing organisations with a license to hate. However, despite his rhetoric being discussed so often in the media, my classroom has united. They organized a food culture day where my African students brought in Fufu (hope I have spelt this correctly) for their non African colleagues to sample and haggis was offered in return and some clootie dumpling ( another Scottish delicacy).

After stuffing our faces we returned to sociology teaching and while the interaction of sharing food did bring people closer together, I felt that the bond was already created the minute they entered the classroom. FE removes student apprehensions, individuals are not alone and bond quite easily. They see themselves and their class as unique within the college they are one. One student with a mental health issue remarked that he did not know where he would be without college and that he did not realise how many supportive people were out there. So Mr Trump please remember, that the citizens of the world and in particular students are not alone and we are united in our humanity.