Believe in FE

Growing up as a youth, I established my goal of working within the Pharmacology sector. I strongly remember coming to this decision in Year 8, when we were asked to choose our options, where I really started to consider career options. In the meeting to review my choices, which were: GCSE – Double Science, ICT, Graphics and Geography, I was told by the tutor that I would struggle with Double Science and he strongly recommended that I only study a Single Science. He based this recommendation on my SATS scores. However, I knew that the college I wanted to go (Xaverian College) required at least 2 sciences, to study sciences at A-Level.
I convinced the tutor to recognise this and to give me a chance and thankfully he did, with some strong advice stating I must work extremely hard, especially independently at home. I stuck by this, I went on and attained a Grade B at Foundation Tier Science in Year 10, which was the maximum for Foundation Tier. Following this, I was allowed to take the Higher Tier Additional Science in Year 11 in which I had attained an A grade, which made up the Double Science GCSE. I fulfilled my target of studying A Level Chemistry and Biology at Xaverian College.
Things started to go downhill, I must admit that A-Levels were incredibly challenging for me, I failed my first year and lost my place at Xaverian College. But I did not give up, I had a strong belief in achieving my goal. I enrolled at The Manchester College, the head principal (Victoria) strongly recommended that I go for the BTEC Science course, I was upset with this and wanted to overcome the challenging A-Levels.
I eventually persuaded her to allow me to resit Chemistry and Biology and unfortunately, once again I was defeated in my second year. In my third year of college, I had to beg myself a place at the college with the principal and was offered to study a combination of non-science AS levels and Business at A2. A number of staff recommended that I go with a different career choice. I still did not give up on my goal! My target was to attain as many UCAS points as possible to get me onto a foundation year to study Pharmacology at University.
I passed them this time, but no where near to my expectations. A Levels were an incredibly difficult and stressful time in my life, I studied 6 subjects in total – AS Biology, Chemistry, Psychology, Law, Media and A2 Business.
However, I was incredibly happy when I received a confirmed place to study Medical and Pharmacology Sciences with a Foundation Year at Coventry University – ranked 12th in the UK, in The Guardian. I am determined to succeed at university and achieve my goal.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank two tutors, who made a strong impact during my time in FE. Firstly, my Media tutor Glenn Meads, truly one-of-a-kind, an extremely supportive tutor, consistently putting all his effort in to teaching, he would help students on a one-to-one basis, not just on one occasion, every single class. He has a strong enthusiasm to assist students to succeed and achieve their goals, monitoring progress consistently with regular feedback, without fail. By far, the best tutor I have come across. Lastly, I would like to thank the Ex-Head Principal, Victoria, who gave me two chances to study A levels and again is a strongly supportive tutor and excellent in teaching Law.