My Experience


Before starting this English, Writing and Media course, I was a college dropout and working night shifts at a train depot with my father. I realised whilst I was there that I wanted to pursue something that I was passionate about and I believed would make me happier in the long run.

When I first started at St. John’s Campus, I was shy and did not speak to people for a long time. Now I am coming closer to the end of my time here, I have come out of my shell and made so many new friends who I believe will be friends for life.

Since being here, my anxiety has not been as severe due to learning I could make friends. I have also learned that my writing and English are not as bad as I was told during my time at school. In my time here, I have been taught skills such as academic and creative writing which will benefit me in my future at university.

By doing this course, I have been shown how to properly allocate time equally to socialising and working on my assignments. It has also given me a peak at what my time at university will be like. With assignments like Film Form, Genre in Film and Practical Video Productions I feel I have been appropriately prepared for my Film Production course at Sheffield Hallam.

The tutors here are barely like tutors, they are more like friends, which is something I was not used to with my experiences with the other schools I had been to. I feel comfortable to talk to them about anything whether it is that I need help or just what is going on in my life.

With the end so near now, I will definitely miss being here for many reasons. I will certainly miss the kind, caring and understanding support from my tutors. I will miss seeing the friends I have made here and how we would help each other stay motivated to do our best with each of the assignments we have had.

Joining this course has been the best decision of my life. It has shown me I am capable of doing well in academic situations. My tutors have also shown me to believe in myself and stop doubting my ability, which I cannot thank them enough for. I am so grateful I have had this opportunity to better myself and meet some amazing people.