Category: Learner voices

My journey

I always wanted to be a teacher but was led to believe university wasn’t for someone like me. Growing up was hard, my life was turbulent and I experienced things that no child ever should, as a consequence my mental health suffered along with my education, I failed my 11 plus and my G.C.S.E’s. When…

Snapshot: retired Maths teacher

Redborne Community College last century. The first ‘Brush Up Your Maths’ session of the academic year. At the beginning of the lesson, in comes a former student to speak to the class. “I passed my GCSE Maths, then obtained a Physics Degree + I’ve just completed a PGCE. I now teach locally.” Both of us so…

Shrewsbury Trade Union Education

As an active young disabled member of Unison, I fully support the need for continued trade union education at local trade union study centres. As you may be aware all funding will go in 2017. I feel so strongly that this must not happen, as Unison is the biggest union in the country we need…

Herbert: photographer

Herbert is a photographer who has had his work exhibited all over the country. Leaving school at 16, he trained as bricklayer before returning as an adult to college where his dyslexia was identified for the first time.


Dean arrived at college with few formal qualifications but with years of experience of labouring on building sites. He was new to technology, found it daunting to use a computer and used a pen and paper for written tasks; but he could put his hand to many jobs in the building trade.


16-year-old Adam found it hard to control his anger in school and felt he was making no progress. He likes the calm environment in college. Now, he is gaining qualifications, becoming more confident and has a clearer view of what he wants to do in future. Now, he has hope and self-belief.