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Pippa’s journey is an inspiration. Overcoming personal difficulties, Pippa studied to become a teacher. Now she works to create a learning environment for her students in which she can offer the kind of opportunities for transformation that she herself has experienced.


Claire has rediscovered the drive, enthusiasm and confidence she had when she was 18. She particularly values the equality she found in the way her course was run at college. There, she was listened to and found her own voice. FE has changed the way she sees herself and the way she views the world.…


Saira is a newly qualified teacher. As a parent herself and a carer, studying at college took her outside her family and boosted her confidence and paved the way to her gaining her Cert Ed. The course challenged her but she came out a different person, a person with hope and enhanced opportunities. Saira: ‘I’ve…


Jimmy works with 14-16 year olds in college – some of whom have been excluded from school and feel school is not for them. He brings a lot of life experience to his teaching job… He doesn’t give up on his students. He refuses to write them off.

Alan: Construction teacher

Alan is a bricklayer and builder with decades of industry experience. He sees his work in college as providing more than just skills and knowledge about the construction industry.

I didn’t know that I was meant to be a teacher.

Julie Hughes, teacher educator & head of Post Compulsory Education Department at the University of Wolverhampton: I didn’t know that I was meant to be a teacher. But the wonderful FE teacher who interviewed me for a place on a childcare course saw something in me that I couldn’t see myself. I was a mature…