Month: July 2016

Reimagining Further Education

Suzanne Savage (@teachersavage) of Birmingham City University writes: While the government and media continue focussing on the growing number of young people entering universities at age 18, there is a notable absence of attention to the two-thirds of 16-18 year olds who attend a further education college in England. And the fate of students not…


Jimmy works with 14-16 year olds in college – some of whom have been excluded from school and feel school is not for them. He brings a lot of life experience to his teaching job… He doesn’t give up on his students. He refuses to write them off.

Alan: Construction teacher

Alan is a bricklayer and builder with decades of industry experience. He sees his work in college as providing more than just skills and knowledge about the construction industry.


Dean arrived at college with few formal qualifications but with years of experience of labouring on building sites. He was new to technology, found it daunting to use a computer and used a pen and paper for written tasks; but he could put his hand to many jobs in the building trade.


16-year-old Adam found it hard to control his anger in school and felt he was making no progress. He likes the calm environment in college. Now, he is gaining qualifications, becoming more confident and has a clearer view of what he wants to do in future. Now, he has hope and self-belief.