Abi: Access student

Abi moved to Manchester as a single mum and was living in a women’s refuge. Prior to her Access course, she felt she had lost her way and, having just escaped from an abusive relationship, wanted to start a new life with a her child.

Today, she is a student studying a Social Science degree at Manchester University.  At college she met a range of people from diverse backgrounds and found new  friends. Her tutors gave her support to move forward. In further education, she found new friends and discovered a passion for a particular subject. From there she followed her new aspirations and now describes her life as having been ‘transformed’. She emphasises how hard the work was for her course, but how it made her stronger and, in the long term, paid off.

My life had come crashing down. I’d lost a lot of my confidence.

I had heard about this course. I signed up and it changed my life.

Watch a video in which Abi talks about the way her college course changed her life and her advice to other people thinking about studying to go to university here.