The Naked Vocational Trainer


My professional career began after completing secondary education in 1965 and gaining employment with British Telecom in central London. There I learned the concepts of life-long learning and continuing personal development and it was a natural progression to become professionally involved in the vocational training of electricians and apprentices in 1989.

While studying for an academic qualification (Certificate in Education/PGCE) I realised the syllabus had little relevance for vocational trainers. So I wrote and published The Nuts and Bolts of Vocational Training and Assessment, a manual intended for vocational trainers which is relevant, accessible and takes a non-academic approach.

Since then I have set out my suggestions for a new qualification framework for trainers in an article published in FE News: Should we put hamburgers into hot-dog buns? followed by a second article: Training! Training! Training! suggesting that further education should have its own voice.

I firmly believe in the role of further education and I’m unsettled by how it’s become overshadowed by academic correctness. Further education is about the world of work, not the domain of the schoolroom.

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