College was the best time of my life!


‘Coasting’ was always mentioned while I was at school. Usually at parents evening. I was often told I could do much better, but I was just coasting. Just doing what I needed to do to get by. It was true. I enjoyed school and was always on time, but it wasn’t exciting. I was just learning what I needed to so that I would pass my gcse’s. Coming from a small town where everyone went to the same primary school, same secondary school and then the local sixth form, was boring. Everyone already knew each other but I knew I didn’t want to carry on that trend, so as soon as I was allowed to choose which college I wanted, I picked the one furthest away from my friends. The Manchester College. I’d never been allowed to show my true creative side, and my best grades were in science I decided to stick with that and studied Chemistry and Biology. I failed. I’d hated the subjects all year and knew I wouldn’t do well, but on results day, failing seemed like the end of the world. However, staff at The Manchester college wouldn’t let me give up that easy. I was told to go up to a room full of tutors and ask if they’d enroll me on their course. Most said no. But Glenn Meads took one look at me; flowers in my hair and rainbow clothes and said ‘you’re not a scientist. Have you thought about Film and Media?’ He signed me up there and then. From then on I worked harder than i had before, because I truly enjoyed being in class. I met so many people that I would have never met if I’d have gone to my local college. The skills and life lessons I was taught have stayed with me through university. I found what I really enjoyed doing. Now I’m studying journalism at university in Canterbury and loving it. Four years ago I thought I was a failure and was ready to drop out of college, so I want to say thank you to The Manchester College and Glenn, who believed in me every step of the way, even when I didn’t believe in myself.