FE that made me a better person


At 16, I was buried under GCSE stress, not quite fitting in, and ready to get out of my small town. I was looking for colleges, and I, for whatever reason, may it be the location, the hot-spot of culture, or the people, decided that I was undeniably going to attend The Manchester College. That summer was filled with anticipation.
And now I have left the college, after a very full and whole two years, with an unconditional offer for The University of Salford for English and Film (my passions), accommodation booked, and a whole new direction that I feel the same buzz for.
Of course, I’m hoping for the very best grades this August. I have come on leaps and bounds academically and intellectually during my college career, but this isn’t why I’m sure I’ll never forget these past two years.
I truly believe that my FE experience changed me as a person. I have become stronger and more focused and committed to the fields I am passionate about, and, within the whole community I found at The Manchester College, I find it hard to believe that I’d be where I am today without my tutors: two, in particular.
Firstly, there’s Glenn Meads. The man who recommended I pursued the journalistic ventures I’m on today. I can’t see myself having walked into exams without Glenn’s encouragement and belief, and even writing this now I find it hard to put into words how much he helped me throughout these years. He was a reliable constant, who made us laugh alongside his sentiment. Glenn has made me a much more optimistic person, knowing that there are people like him who so willingly give support past academia and into personal development.
Secondly, Thomas Roberts. He was the reason I felt that I could always come to college and feel safe and supported. He stuck with me whilst I was ill during my second year, and sat with me for what felt like forever during a nauseating panic attack during exam season. Tom captured my passion for film and made me all the more sure that I couldn’t imagine my life without it. Him, alongside Glenn, will be mentioned in my acceptance speech when I receive my first academy award.
Overall, if it weren’t for my experience within FE, I have no clue who I’d be today, let alone if I’d be on a path close to the promising one I’m on now. I am excited for the future that I am building for myself after all the help I have received. I am undeniably, unbelievably grateful for the last two years of my life, which have set me up for a lifetime.