Teaching and Learning Scholar: Mel Carter

Place of work: Leicester College
Role: English teacher / lecturer

I have had quite a traditional route through education: GCSEs at school, A-Levels at College and then a degree at University. However, my educational journey was far from smooth, experiencing challenges around my ‘race’, class and gender at every step of the way.

As an adult, in my mid-twenties, I looked into changing my career and I turned to FE to find a course to help. I had the most amazing learning experience – a teacher who not only looked like me but taught with such zest it was enthralling and most importantly believed in my ability to achieve academically. Thus, began my love affair with FE.


I now work with adults, teaching GCSE English in Further Education and I am passionate about my subject and my role. Social justice, equality and inclusion are very important to me. Many of my learners have had a difficult or disappointing first experience of education so I am enthusiastic about creating a positive learning environment for everyone. For my students, the course is a stepping stone to new opportunities at University, work and with homeschooling their own children.

Research Outline

I am interested in research in FE and interculturalism. My GCSE English Saturday classes, in particular, have a large proportion of migrant workers. I would like to explore how diverse groups of learners work together through sharing experiences across English subject learning tasks; speaking, listening, reading and writing. I intend to draw on the learners’ lived experience of place, belonging, shared learning goals and further education in the UK.

I think that slow writing tasks are a good way of getting students writing, especially if it has been a while since they produced any writing.



Below are websites I have used with students to discuss autobiographies, blogs and book reviews, they generated interesting debates and writing, which was shared.