Simon: Employer

Simon, the CEO of Makers – a construction firm in the West Midlands, is an employer who takes his responsibility for the training of his employees very seriously.

Together with a local college, he devised a apprenticeship that would ensure a course that would meet the needs of his company.

For the staff involved this meant a daunting return to education. But Makers provided support and the results have been spectacular.

Simon talks about the journey that both he and his staff have been on, his ambitions for his firm and the transformations that he has witnessed amongst his staff as a result of his commitment to investing in educational opportunities for his employees.

Our guys are taking their college experience and introducing it back into the workplace. I’ve got young guys who are teaching people who have been tradesmen for 25-30 years new techniques.

I think we should be building for the long term and that means we need FE.

It allows you to push through that door you thought was shut.

Watch Simon talking about his values, his commitment and his understanding of the benefits of education in construction here.