How FE influenced my career


FE has really helped shaped my career and I’d recommend it to every young person.
When I first started studying at college in Manchester I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted to do.
I actually vividly remember being at high school and a teacher telling me it was statistically unlikely I’d end up at university – which shocked me.
Thankfully, in FE, as opposed to my experience at school, students were encouraged to be the best they can be by some extremely friendly and helpful tutors.
As I knew writing was my strong suit, I studied the subjects media, English Lit and politics, which allowed me to be creative.
I really enjoyed English and politics but it was in media, in no small part thanks to my tutor Glenn Meads, that I decided I wanted to become a journalist.
He made the course very engaging, worthwhile and fun. While, hearing about his work in Manchester’s entertainment scene inspired me to want a similar career.
I regularly think back to what a big influence he had on the decisions I made and I couldn’t be more grateful.
After going on to study journalism at uni I’ve worked up and down the country for a variety of publications.
I’ve been lucky enough to cover Glastonbury, a general election and football at Wembley to name just a few amazing experiences it’s unlikely I’d have had if it wasn’t for FE.
Now I currently work as an entertainment editor and I’d really encourage you to take up FE.