The Tutors That Changed My Life

My name is Kaia Yeomans and I was a student at Manchester College’s Shena Simon campus for 2 years. I wanted to share my experiences from that time because I can honestly say I would not be where I am now without two of the tutors I had for Film Studies, Tom and Glenn. I don’t even know where to begin, so I’ll try and compress it as much as I can. During college, I went through a very tough time in regards to my personal life. I felt incredibly overwhelmed and alone and at a loss with what to do with myself, so I did what I always have done in times of need: I turned to film. I threw myself into my studies on the days when I really didn’t feel like it and that was as a result of my tutors. Both Tom and Glenn knew that something was going on and each went absolutely above and beyond with their support and encouragement. They never failed to inspire me or even just blow my mind a bit with outlandish film theories and in turn entertain my own. But I think the most important thing that they each did for me was simply to be there. They always asked how I was, how things were going, would know if something was wrong and never failed to make me feel supported and like I could really succeed in what I did. And in the end of it, Tom as my personal tutor was the one who changed my mind about my decision to not go to university, saying “Apply anyway, just in case you change your mind.” As a student at Manchester Metropolitan University who has just completed their first year of an English and Film course, I can honestly say I owe it all to them and I’m incredibly excited to make them proud.